Fall 2023

Ae/APh/CE/ME 101a: Fluid Mechanics.

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Microscopic and macroscopic properties of liquids and gases; the continuum hypothesis; review of thermodynamics; general equations of motion; kinematics; stresses; constitutive relations; vorticity, circulation; Bernoulli's equation; potential flow; thin-airfoil theory; surface gravity waves; buoyancy-driven flows; rotating flows; viscous creeping flow; viscous boundary layers; introduction to stability and turbulence; quasi one-dimensional compressible flow; shock waves; unsteady compressible flow; and acoustics.

Winter 2023

Ae 239a: Turbulence

Reynolds-averaged equations and the problem of closure. Statistical description of turbulence. Homogeneous isotropic turbulence and structure of fine scales. Turbulent shear flows. Physical and spectral models. Subgridscale modeling. Turbulent mixing. Structure of low and high Reynolds number wall turbulence.

Fall 2022

Ae/ACM/ME 232a: Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Development and analysis of algorithms used in the solution of fluid mechanics problems. Numerical analysis of discretization schemes for partial differential equations including interpolation, integration, spatial discretization, systems of ordinary differential equations; stability, accuracy, aliasing, Gibbs and Runge phenomena, numerical dissipation and dispersion; boundary conditions. Survey of finite difference, finite element, finite volume and spectral approximations for the numerical solution of the incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations.